Outline – A Chocolate & Ayurveda Workshop

The purpose of this course is to give you everything you need to create a successful, fun and informative workshop that can be taught anywhere! You will be able to introduce your clients to a whole new concept! That good quality chocolate is a food group!

The recommended length of a “Chocolate & Ayurveda” workshop is no longer than 2 hrs.

This outline will take you step by step, all the way from where to find the right chocolate to how to plan your course to the “take-away” and your clients leaving inspired and happy!

Chocolate is a pleasure that offers beauty and escape for those who take the time to appreciate it. And it does not have to be a “guilty pleasure”; It can become a sensible vice and a celebration for our senses.

Getting Started

The outline is organized in 2 different Units

  • Ayurveda
  • Chocolate

And 5 Lessons

  • The Chocolate Tasting Process
  • The Take Away
  • Materials – What You Need To Have
  • The Handout
  • The Class Plan

All Units and Lessons are delivered to you in written form.


Q. Where can I teach this course?

A. Anywhere! At a yoga studio, health center, chocolate place, patisserie, even on the beach!

Q. What type of previous Ayurveda experience do I need?

A. None. All the Ayurveda knowledge you need to teach this workshop is in this outline.

Q. How much time is this going to take?

A. This depends on you, but on average, less than an hour hour from the moment you start studying the outline to the moment you are ready to teach your workshop.

Q. What type of gear do I need?

A. Good quality chocolate! We give you the sources in the Materials & Handout Sections of the outline.

Q. How will I know if I am doing this right?

A. All the content you need is in this course. Everything, from the Ayurvedic view on chocolate, to the history of chocolate, to what type of chocolate to use for the tasting to how to conduct the workshop itself. (The chocolate itself is not included in the price of this outline. 🙂 )

Any questions? Email us at training@asktimandvie.com. We are always available!

The content will be available to you for 6 months. Have fun with it! Please, share with us your clients testimonials! We are always waiting to hear from you at training@asktimandvie.com

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Outline - A Chocolate & Ayurveda Workshop