“No Shoes, No Gym, No Problem”

A 5-Day Program Based On

The 10-Stone Workout Series!

The Inspiration

The “No Shoes, No Gym, No Problem” Workout – The Original is part of a concept we developed while we were in Greece a few years back.

Since we were traveling, we needed something intense, still doable, that would take very little time, require no equipment and help us maintain or even increase both lean muscle and endurance. So we decided that every day, we would go to the beach and start using the rocks for counting the sets of the most efficient and effective “body-weight movement combination” that we had planned for that morning. We found the number 10 to be the “magic” number of sets. Not too few and not too many. Right when we would be ready to give up, we would see that we still had a couple of sets left, and that’s where the “magic” happened in terms of benefits.

Tim, in all his creative wisdom, thought we should call it “The 10 Stones” and add it to the homework of the Bootcamp Group we were coaching at the time.  Incorporating “The 10 Stones” into the Bootcamp group, was a huge success. After a few years of training ourselves, our private clients and our group clients using “The 10 Stones” as part of the workout, we now have over 50 body-weight “10 Stones” and close to a 100 equipment-based “10 Stones”.  Yes, the same concept applies to using gear also, as long as certain fundamental criteria are met. More on this, in an upcoming course.

The Principles

“The 10 Stones” concept is based on 3 principles:

  • Commitment

You commit to completing “The 10 Stone” workout on that day.

  • Accountability

You are held accountable by the 10 Stones. You can work towards completing all 10 Stones at once or throughout the day.

  • Economy of Action

The workouts are based on effectiveness and efficiency.  You want to achieve the maximum benefits (effectiveness) in the least amount of time and with the lowest overhead (efficiency).

All 3 principles are equally important. You cannot have a successful “10 Stone” workout if one of these principles is missing or is not fully adhered to.

The Application

The applications of “The 10 Stones” workout are continuing to expand.  The physiological, psychological and mental benefits that we witness from people who are actively implementing these applications very often exceed our expectations.

Getting Started

What we give you in this course is the 5-day “No Shoes, No Gym, No Problem” Original Workout to get you introduced to the  fundamental principles.

The class content includes 5 different workout sessions delivered to you in written form and in video form. Once you sign up, you will have access to all of the sessions at once.

After going through this course, you  will have the necessary knowledge you need to create your own private gym experience anywhere.


Q.  What type of previous gym / fitness experience do I need?

A. None. All you need is the want to move in a healthy way.

Q. How much time is this going to take?

A. This depends on you, but on average, about half hour a day.

 Q. What type of gear do I need?

A. Clothes that you can comfortably move in and 10 stones (from the beach, park, etc.) for counting.

Q. How will I know if I am doing this right?

A. Read the instructions; Watch the videos; Practice the movements yourself; Pay attention to how your body feels:  As a rule of thumb, any discomfort on your joints may not be a “good thing”; Any discomfort on your muscles is most likely a “good thing”.  Any questions? Email us at training@asktimandvie.com


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